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About Us
The business Junxion is a social enterprise with an aim of improving and investing in the local social economy.
Our Mission
We are the best vehicle for achievement and uphold the reputation of social enterprise world wide
Our values
We offer services that empower individuals to enhance their lives and integrate into society with dignity

The Business Junxion is a social Enterprise owing to its strong social mission to make entrepreneurship less complicated and more accessible to the community.  We achieve this by addressing the following local socio-economic challenges:

• Small business Start-Up Interventions
• Simplified Small Business Services
• Funding Advocacy
• Entrepreneurship Education and Mentorship
• Cooperative Entrepreneurship
• Small scale Manufacturing Programmes
• Social Impact Practitioner Programme

Our partnership and relationship with banks, Business Forums, Financial institutions, Entrepreneurship academies, Impact Professionals and other stakeholders have made it possible for our clients and beneficiaries to experience value. 



Company Application Form The_Business_Junxion
 Company Registration  Company Amendments   Other Services
  • Company registration with our pre-approved name
  • Company registration with Reg. number as name
  • Company registration with name reservation
  • Incorporated Company
  • Non Profit company
  • Trust Registrations
  • Cooperative Registration
  • Name Reservation
  • External companies
  • Company less than R5 Million
  • Conversion from CC to Company
  • Name Change
  • Add/Remove Member(s)
  • Change of Address / Accounting Officer
  • BEE Certificates
  • Restoration of a CC
  • Conversion from CC to a Company (With Name Change)
  • Conversion from a Private Company to Public Company
  • Letters of Good-standing
  • Import and Export Licenses
  • Legal assistance (Commercial)
  • Business Communications
  • CIDB and NHBRC Registrations
  • UIF Registration
  • Share Certificates
  • Training and Seminars
  • Health and Safety
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Marketing and Advertising
  • Liquor Licensing
What is a Social Enterprise? 

A social Enterprise is an enterprise that employs entrepreneurial methods or market based strategies to address the social needs.

The primary goal of a social Enterprise is its social mission and about going beyond profit. Social Enterprises thrives for their own sustainability and are not dependant on charity/ government but on their ability to employ business models to address social problems.  

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